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COGIECO is a Burundian Consulting Engineering Company for surveys, supervision and control of works, management of projects, representation of foreign companies, assistance to foreign companies and organizations willing to run business or to establish themselves in Burundi.

In view of the present situation in the countries of the Great Lakes Region of Africa (Burundi, Rwanda and DR Congo), COGIECO is active throughout the region and has become a multi-service contractor with multisectoral fields of work.

Survey, Control and Supervision

We specialize in hydraulic civil engineering and road infrastructures. We often work in group, joint venture, subcontracting, etc. with companies of international renown. In that case,COGIECO provides all the local staff (engineers, technicians, topographers, support staff), is in charge of logistics, public relations and local coordination.
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Representation of other companies

The international companies and other organizations already set up or not yet set up in Burundi can operate in Burundi via COGIECO by its representation.
We can represent other foreign companies or assist them in establishing themselves in Burundi.
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Provision of specialist staff

For the fields in which COGIECO does not much specialize, it provides a well-qualified staff from our existing partnership network. Here, COGIECO is responsible for the provided staff.
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